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Mom's House Learning Center

Infant Care Through Preschool

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Daily Curriculum

Our daily curriculum and activities include learning through STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math. Our curriculum is designed to teach your little ones various skills in a multilingual environment, including American Sign Language, English, and Spanish. Our curriculum fosters a sense of creativity as each child grows and learns.

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Play and Learn

We believe every child learns through play. We rotate the children through different centers during the day so they can learn various skills. They learn to explore the world and express themselves during each day. We also have outdoor time which helps your little angels play and exercise safely in the beautiful Colorado sun.

Preschool Graduation Ceremony

Preschool Graduation & Special Events

We pride ourselves in our unique ethos and great diversity. We regularly have special events with families like holiday parties and Preschool Graduation at the end of the year. These joyous celebrations help make our school so special.

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Learning Progress

Our School makes sure to have parent teacher conferences at least once a year in August, to make sure parents are up to date on their child's progress in learning. Additionally, we keep regular communication with parents regarding the progress of their child in our program.



Open Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm

6 Weeks through 2.5 Years Old:
$400.00 Per Week

2.5 Years and Up:
$350.00 Per Week


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